Online Document Management and Storage Solutions for Productive Teamwork

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Document Management Software

Create. Customize. Collaborate.

Lapdes document management software enables you to effectively create, upload, manage and share documents and files with absolute efficiency, security and ease. The built-in editor allows you to draft documents and spreadsheets and offers all the functionality of MS Word and MS Excel.

Instant access. Immediate attention.

A cloud-based file management software gives you 24/7 access to key information anywhere and anytime. Having a central document repository gives you greater control, enables quicker decision making and offers greater potential for team collaboration.

Some Highlights

  • Similar functionality of MS Word and Excel
  • Interactive and collaborative features

Work better together

Effective online file sharing opens up a world of opportunity to deliver accurate, contextual and actionable content. The Lapdes document management system makes it extremely easy to review documents with others in real-time so you can keep your projects moving forward. Team members can add comments and inputs, track changes and rename files; creating a seamless digital workflow that boosts productivity.

Some Highlights

  • 24/7 access to files and folders
  • Secure and confidential file sharing

File sharing- simple and secure

Confidentiality and control are two vital hallmarks of effective document management software. Lapdes offers a single and secure file sharing solution that protects against data loss, tampering or unauthorized access.

Quick search and retrieval

As an all-in-one file manager application, your documents are literally at your fingertips, ensuring a stress-free and smooth work flow. With 100GB of ample web storage, our file management software acts as an effective data backup and is the ideal solution for businesses, professionals and individuals.