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Why scribble on sticky notes or use complex tools, when you can use Lapdes note taking software which is reliable, efficient and quick! With advanced features and an easy-to-use interface, our digital notepad works like an online notebook, capturing your notes in an organized manner. Simply key in your ideas, thoughts and inputs and you’ll never have to wonder where you saved it.

Quick recovery and action

Lapdes notes software allows you to sort by title, date and favorites which tremendously reduces the time spent in looking for handwritten notes or digital files. Online notes simplify your day as you’ll have everything systematically organized and ready for use.

Some Highlights

  • Easy paperless note-taking
  • Powerful search options

Easy remote access

A notes app that comes with cloud storage is a convenient tool for organizations, professionals and individuals. It works like an online notepad and offers quick access irrespective of whether you are at office, college or at home.

Some Highlights

  • Remote access and retrieval
  • Reliable and flexible interface
Unlimited versatility

The Lapdes note taking software can be extensively used to record important inputs during corporate meetings, conferences, brainstorming sessions, team projects, college classes and in several other key areas. Lapdes online notepad offers a flexible interface for paperless note-taking.

Confidentiality and control

A digital notepad not only creates a reliable backup of your information but it provides complete privacy and security. Our full-featured note-taking application is just what you need to create, archive and retrieve your professional or personal notes on a daily basis.