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Connect and communicate

The Lapdes enterprise social network is a private platform that encourages on-going collaboration between teams in order to foster deeper relationships and fuel company-wide integration. Our social networking software is focused on sparking conversations, simplifying communication and building a safe and secure business social network for your organization.

Secure status updates

Successful businesses are built on thriving social communities that harness the power of technology to enhance interaction, learning and productivity. Using the Lapdes business social network, you can quickly upload status updates, articles, news feeds, videos and photos in just seconds.

Some Highlights

  • Company-wide integration
  • Real-time collaboration

Effortless event planning

The Lapdes enterprise social network creates an open forum where everyone is in sync with each other. The social networking software encourages engagement which ensures that responses are received in time. From product launches to birthday parties; Lapdes simplifies event management by giving you a highly effective business social media dashboard.

Some Highlights

  • Schedule events with ease
  • Measure and review milestones

Managed milestones

Our business social network software helps track both professional and personal milestones, so you can consistently measure and improve performance. Milestone status, percentage of completion and a description can be added and shared with vital resources within the organization.

Distinct competitive advantage

Social media for business stimulates innovation, instills confidence and improves team morale as enterprise social networks create the perfect platform for secure, private and real-time collaboration. Open discussions and a transparent line of communication helps build a sense of community.