Enterprise Wiki Software for Enhanced Team Interaction and Knowledge Sharing

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Enterprise wiki

Collaborative work environment

The Lapdes enterprise wiki software is a powerful platform that harnesses the collective knowledge base and makes it instantly accessible to everyone in the company. The wiki app allows teams to share relevant, targeted and accurate information at a company-wide level which stimulates innovation, learning and development.

Better team engagement

Business wiki allows teams to create and edit online workspace from where they can share ideas, concepts, accomplishments, announcements, policies, newsletters, case studies, news and other relevant information. Each wikipage created by a specific department is accessible by other teams and is open for discussions, collaboration, feedback or comments. The wiki app makes it simple and easy to maintain a holistic knowledge base that is beneficial to all.

Some Highlights

  • Dedicated team-based wikis
  • Easy accessibility

Communication of vital information

Often, organizations use a bulletin board or a newsletter to spread news about important company-wide information. However, not only is this time-consuming but it has a limited reach. Secure enterprise wiki software can make a tremendous difference as vital news can be instantly posted in the wiki app and instantly accessed from any location. Every team member will know exactly where and how to access information making it extremely easy to announce new policies or latest developments.

Some Highlights

  • Highly interactive interface
  • Advanced version control

Creativity and critical thinking

As a company wiki app is easily accessible by all teams, it encourages responses, opinions and advice from different quarters of the organization. This multifaceted approach to handling information tremendously influences new idea generation, out-of-the-box thinking and creativity.

Excellent information control

The Lapdes enterprise wiki software allows you to track and control any edits or changes made to the wikipage. The page history reveals the current version, the date and time of change and by whom the edit was made. You can also use the compare function to identify differences between versions.