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Create a word doc, sheet or folder

By clicking on create, you get three three options.

  • First, you can create a new folder in which you can save your document.
  • Second, you can create a new word file.
  • Finally, you can also create a spreadsheet.
My Documents

Notes can also be marked as Favorite. The notes that are most important or that are used most frequently can be added in Favorite so that all you have to do is to.

Recent Documents

YRecent documents are those which have been recently used, opened or modified. “Recent” files are also listed down as per name given by the user. It has also mentioned the names of the files that have been modified recently.

Shared Documnets

Shared with me tab lets you have a look at the documents, which others have shared with you. By clicking on it, you get the names, date, and file shared by others. Users can download, delete or comment on the files.

Trash items

In this tab, you have all the record of the documents, which have been deleted. Items that have been deleted are saved in trash. From trash items, you can also restore the document, which has been deleted, or you can also permanently delete the document by removing it from trash.

The deleted files cannot be restored so whenever you need to delete it make sure the file is no longer important or else it’s difficult to have it back.

Move a file or folder

You can also move the file from one folder to another folder by just selecting the file which you want to move. Then click on the ‘move’ button to move the file.

Share a file with others

Users can also share the word file/document to others.

  • Select any file that needs to be shared.
  • Click on share' button and a popup window will open
  • You can share the file within your organization or email the file to outside user.
Upload a file

You can also upload any file from your computer to Lapdes.

  • Click on the upload button.
  • Choose the file from your computer.
  • Upload the file.
Comment on a file

With the help of comments section, the user can comment on the files that have been shared by the user and also comment on the files that have been shared by someone else with the user. Click on the 'comment' button and the comment section will show all the existing comments.

Rename a file or folder

Any file or folder that have been created or uploaded can be renamed by just one click. Simple select the file that needs to be renamed and click on rename button. Folders can also be renamed.