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Note your way to stay organized. Lapdes note taking software gives you an opportunity to write anything you want. It can be meeting minutes; critically important notes or anything you want yourself to be updated with.

Notes basically shows two main views. It includes:

  • All (notes)
  • Favorite
All Notes

This gives a complete list of all the created by the user. It is an easy approach to have a quick look at all the notes saved on this tab.

Favorite Notes

Notes can also be marked as Favorite. The notes that are most important or that are used most frequently can be added in Favorite so that all you have to do is to.

  • Select any file.
  • Click on edit button.
  • Click on the Favorite button given at each file.
  • The file will come on the list of favorites
Sort Notes

You can sort your online notebook by different options. Lapdes provides three options by which Notes can be sorted easily. These are:

  • Title - click on the Title and it sorts the notes by its title alphabetically.
  • Created date - you can also sort Notes by its created date. All you have to do is to click on the created date and find out on which date specific notes are created.
  • Modify date - once you create Notes it can also be modified anytime. Lapdes gives you an opportunity to sort out the Notes by its modified date. In just no time you get the desired Notes with its last modified date.
Create Notes

Users can create online notes at anytime. New notes can be added by just clicking on the add button.

Delete Notes

Once the Notes are created, it can be deleted at any time. All you need to do is:

  • Select the file from the list of all the Notes that needs to be deleted.
  • Click on the delete option button.
  • The selected file will be deleted.

The deleted Notes cannot be restored so whenever you need to delete it make sure the file is no longer important or else it’s difficult to have it back.

Search Notes

There is a search bar in Notes. You can instantly search the files from its titles and will get the desired file.