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Your Team’s Own Secure Enterprise Social Network. Why take your teamwork to external social media when you can have your group’s own secure, flexible and efficient social media? Customize it to your preferences and get everyone on board, communicating and connecting with each other, in a platform that has been designed to give you an exclusive access and use.

Users can update their social profile by adding following information:

  • Status
  • Events
  • Milestone
Share Status

Users can update their status by writing the message in the text field. Users can share articles, news feeds, videos urls and photos. There is also an option to ‘Share’ pictures or videos with your co-workers.

Share Events

Users can add important events to their profiles by following these simple steps:

  • Write the name of the event.
  • Choose the start & end date from the calendar.
  • Add location of the event.
  • Add description of an event.
  • And finally, press the ‘Create’ button.
Share Milestones

Users can also add milestones to their social profile and share with co-workers. Below are some simple steps that need to be followed to create a milestone.

  • Enter the name of the milestone.
  • Select the status of the milestone from the options given that whether the milestone is achieved, postponed or overdue.
  • Enter the description of the milestone.
  • Enter the percentage of the milestone achieved.
  • And, finally click on the create button to add the milestone into your profile.
Upcoming Events

On the home page of Social, shows a list of the upcoming events created by user & his/her co-workers.

Invite Friends

Social gives an opportunity to invite your friends & co-workers by sending them an invitation. Once your friends accept the invite they can see all your shared status, events & milestons.

Friend List

Users can view the list of all of their friends by just clicking on the 'Friends' tab