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Lapdes allows you to create a simple personal and professional to-do-list that keeps you up-to-date as to every task that you need to take care of. With your busy life and tight schedule, you shouldn’t solely rely on your memory or on outdated paper notes.

On Task page, you can prepare and track project tasks and ultimately get them done.

Project list

In the left panel, there is list of all the projects which the user has created, so far. With this, you can get your projects done on time with no delays.

Create a new project

Creating a project is just click away. All you have to do is to:

  • Click on ‘Create project’ button
  • Enter the name of the project and the details relating to it.
  • Save the project.
Create a new task

Users can create a task list once the project is created. The steps which involves in a creating a task are as follows:

  • Select any existing project.
  • Click on ‘+’ button which is on the extreme left and a popup will show up.
  • Add all the details of the task (task title, priority, status, completion percentage, start date, due date, task description).
  • Click on the Save Task button.
Filter task list by status

The project tasks can be filtered using below options.

  • Not Started - This will give you information of all the project tasks that are not yet started
  • In Progress - All the projects that are currently in progress can be viewed by selecting 'in progress' from dropdown list.
  • Pending - You get to know about the tasks that are in a pending status within no time. By clicking on the 'pending' option, all the projects that are pending, shows up.
  • Completed - All the project tasks that are finished will appear in the ‘completed’ list. In just one click, you can get the list easily.
Delete a project

When the project is completed or the project is no longer pertinent then the project and all its associated tasks can be deleted by clicking on the delete icon next to the project name.

The deleted project and all the associated tasks cannot be restored so whenever you need to delete it make sure that they are no longer needed or else it’s difficult to have it back.

Search project or tasks

In this search bar, one can instantly search the task/project by simply writing the name of the project/task and the desired project tasks will show up in no time.